Mississippi Picnic LA


For the past few months I have been making a concerted effort to get out, and take advantage of the fact that I live 15 minutes from DTLA. Shit goes on here all the time that people from backwards towns, like Omaha, wish they could partake in. Anyhow, not too long ago, some friends and I decided to venture out to the Mississippi Picnic LA in Elysian Park(to be more specific, it was at a park on the backside of Dodger stadium).  A little background on the event, the Mississippi Picnic LA is a fundraiser that was apparently started by some southerners, who relocated to Los Angeles.  The event consists of live bands, southern food, sweet tea, and BEER.  The advertisements for this event actually made it out to be a bit bigger than it actually was.  The event’s website advised taking public transportation, because parking would be impossible.  Also, it said that they expected a turnout of up to 500.  Both false, but lets start at the beginning.

Because of the warning we received before hand, my friends and I decided to take the Gold Line out of Pasadena to reach the event.  Don’t get me wrong, the Gold Line is a great method of transportation.  In fact it is my preferred method for getting to Dodger games.  The difference is that on game days there are shuttles to take you directly from Union Station to the Stadium.  On this particular day, such was not the case.  We exited at the China Town Station because google maps told me it was the closest exit.  We then proceeded on a 45 minute march to Elysian Park.  This was totally unexpected.  It was hot and mostly uphill, but we made do.  The real slap in the face was that once we got to the stadium, there was parking everywhere.  In fact, I would say there were AT MOST 200 people at the event.  Other than our transportation situation, the event was a blast.  $25 included a giant plate of food, all you can drink southern style tea, live bands, and an overall cool environment.  The food was definitely on point.  The plate included ribs, fried catfish,  fries, coleslaw, and some fried other fried veggies.  If you’re trying to lose some weight, this is not the place to be.

As I said before, the atmosphere was pretty chill.  We set up a picnic blanket and laid out to watch the various bands perform.  The gem of the day of they was this 85 year old blues man, who absolutely tore it up.  I think what truly made this event worthwhile, however, was the beer.  Technically the price of admission provided you with all you can drink beer.  They simply asked for a small donation with each beer.  The beers provided were from small micro brews in Mississippi.  The beers were actually quite exquisite.  I ended up spending $5 for about 7 beers.   Needless to say, I had a blast.  We soon found ourselves singing along to songs we did not know, by bands we’d never heard of.  Many of the people at the event were actually from Mississippi, so it was also a great opportunity to meet new people from a different lifestyle.  This is definitely an event I could see myself visiting again next year.  Check out the details at http://www.missippippicnicla.com.


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