I should have been an art major.


For some reason everyone that I hang out with(minus a certain Bostonian) is really artistic.  I mean I guess I have my music thing, but these guys are ACTUALLY good at doodles, and drawing, and creating.  Look at their blogs and you’ll see what I mean:(I’ll link you at the end of mine, so you read mine first!).  Anyhow, I’ve decided that I too can be artistic.  Let the drawing commence!  I figure if I draw enough things, I eventually have to be good at something….right?  So I started with some animals.  I shall now introduce the world to Ricky the Rat, Turd the Turtle, and the Bird.  Say hello world, and say hello to the the downfall of a certain friendly mouse.

Ricky the Rat

Turd the Turtle

The Bird

Feel free to compliment me on my amazing art.

**Disclaimer: For real art visit : http://www.ohmysaab.com, http://www.therulebookoflife.com, or http://www.choupy.com

After visiting these websites, you will see why I feel so terrible about myself.  HAH.


4 Responses to “I should have been an art major.”

  1. 1 aiza

    haha i like your “fuck my life” tag. i think your drawings are really good, especially the rat. hahaha i like how there are hairs in his ears.

  2. 2 Muy

    the turtle has a simpsons feel to it haha

  3. 3 Daniel Munoz

    i think the face looks like homer lol

  4. 4 Julie

    Thank you for advertising my website. lol. btw, i love yur doodles. I still have the bird and turtle doodle that u drew from pictionary.

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