Take Kids Down


A weekend ago, my good friend Leo and I, set out on an adventure.  We went to go see our hero, Evan Chen, compete in his first Tae Kwon Do tournament in years.  The tournament was in Ocean Side.  It was very hot, very sunny, and the competition outdoors.  Fun.  Anyhow.  Before we even arrived at the tournament, the brain child himself (Evan Chen) decided to by pass a couple of these: 

in hopes of getting better parking.  Well of course the next thing we encountered was one of these:

So basicaly, this cool guy took both of our licenses and threatened us with $800 fines.  Yay.  Oh and by the way it turns out my license had been surrendered so he came back with my license and was by all means THRILLED about that piece of news.  The conversation went something like this:

Daniel: I’m sorry I was lost I’ve never been here before officer, please be lenient! I was just following my friend!

Cop:  RAWR! I hate you! I hope your stupid friend is gonna pay your ticket! Also your license is surrendered! WHY!?

Daniel: Oh dear officer! I don’t even know what that means! Why would my license be surrendered?


… Great start to the day.  Anyhow, he sent us on our way and told us never be stupid again.  No fines.  Thank God.

So the day went well.  We spent it here:

At the Lite Tae Kwon Do Championship!  Because Evan is a lite fighter.  HAH! you see what I did there?  Really though, we spent it here:

The Elite Tae Kwon Do Championship!  Aren’t those kicking Asian guys so cool?  Anyhow.  Evan took first place in his forms!  And as for sparring… well lets just say he was stone cold out there.  This what he looked like right before he saw his opponent:

Look at that face.  It has “grr I’m a killer and I’m gonna dominate anything that steps in my way” written all over it.  But then he saw his nemesis!

and his face now says..”oh…crap” ? Or something along those lines.  No but seriously.  He did well.  I have video proof.  After I am done editing it into an amazing movie.  I will post the video of our day in Ocean Side.  Until then.  Kudos Mr. Evan Chen.  Kudos.


2 Responses to “Take Kids Down”

  1. 1 egdellog

    geez, what a sour face.

    it’s good the police guy let you off. what the heck is a surrendered license?

  2. 2 Daniel Munoz

    hahah the surrendered license is a long story. I had called DMV and told them I lost my license a while ago, but then I found it, so I was using this license that I had reported lost. So basically I had surrendered the rights to that license because of the lost report.

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