School is what I do. And I hate it.


School is what I do.  I study business at California State Polytechnic University of Pomona.  Its boring.  I go for the future… and all that jazz.  What I’m passionate about, however, is making music.  I love music.  I love listening to music, I love performing music, I love listening to music performed!  My field of study is completely unrelated to my passion.  I envy those people that are passionate about what they’re studying.  Somtimes I think that school is not for me.  Anyhow, one of my goals this summer is to finish at least 4 songs to put on an EP.   I have many songs written.  Its hard for me to convert thoughts in my head, into something other people can listen to.  Once I get it out of my head and onto a song, it totally doesn’t convey what I had in my head.  Does that even make sense? Basically, I can’t get my music to sound like what I want it to sound like.  Maybe its because my equipment sucks?  Alas, its the terrible carpenter who blames his shoddy tools.  So I’ll just say i’m terrible.  Anyways, here’s a sample of what I’ve been working on with my good friend DJ Ali Haeri.  Its still rough.  And raw.  And its me. : AHDM – Emergency Lights


2 Responses to “School is what I do. And I hate it.”

  1. 1 aiza

    okay, i’ll be waiting for the EP. However, if there ends up being no EP, I will castrate you.

  2. 2 evan

    EP is a funny word

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