Saturday Mornings.


When I was a kid, “Saturday Morning” was synonymous with cartoons. I can even remember setting my alarm clock so I wouldn’t miss the 8 o’clock shows, I didn’t even set my alarm clock for school back then. Ahhhh the memories…sitting in my Pj’s, chilling on the couch…eating some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I wonder if everyone’s Saturday morning memories are the same as mine though? So, I thought I’d run through some of the big hits that stick out in my mind, from my childhood Saturday mornings.

Show #1: X-Men

I’m pretty sure that if you were a kid in the 90’s, and a male, you were addicted to X-Men. This was one cartoon that was incredible, because unlike many shows of the day, the plot line continued with each episode. It wasn’t something where it wrapped up neatly after thirty minutes and a completely new storyline would be brought in next week. Anyways, I’m pretty sure that many of you spent countless hours throwing playing cards around the house wishing you could make them explode, only to have your mother later yell at you for being an idiot. Not, that I have an experience with such a thing. X-Men was amazing.

Show #2: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Classic, is the only way to describe the original TMNT. Who could forget the “cowabungas,” the anchovies, and the “Heroes in a half shell, TURTLE POWER!” As far as being a young male in the 90’s, this one is pretty much the same as X-Men, how could you not watch? The main difference was that these guys were a little more humorous in the destruction of bad guys(see footclan). I remember having all the toys to go along with this gem of a show. The Turtles were so incredible, that they even made two really great live action movies, and one horrible one(see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III). TURTLE POWER!

Show #3: Pirates of the Dark Water

Does anyone even remember this show? I’m pretty sure that every time I even mention this show, I get looked at like I just made some inappropriate black joke while eating at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles(see Anyways, I now how proof that this show really did exist! Just like X-Men this show had a plot that left you hanging every week, only to continue the amazing the week after. Pirates of the Dark Water, was about this world where all the water had turned dark and evil, and in order to fix that, The blonde guy and company needed to find 13 treasures with the power to stop the dark water. Sounds stimulating, no?

Show #4: Widget the World Watcher

This is another show that I’m pretty sure nobody has ever seen. Also, either Widget ripped off Captain Planet, or Captain Planet ripped of Widget, but somebody got ripped off. Widget the World Watcher was about this shape shifting alien who helped these kids stop some evil polluting genius. Sound familiar? Anyways, I’m really not too sure why I even watched this show. I guess its because I always wanted to be a shape shifter. Widget was purple.

Show #5: Reboot!

Reboot was incredible, because it used computer animation before they were able to make it look enjoyable. Basic story line was about this guy Bob, who would fight off evil to protect his beloved Mainframe, Mainframe is where these guys lived, inside of a computer. The evils included the User, who would load games and try to take over the mainframe, and the Web, who send in evil doers to also try and destroy mainframe. Man, what a concept. Anyhow, apparently this show ran all the way until 2001, so good for them.

Show #6: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

I couldn’t even find a picture for this show, so it’s still possible that I just imagined I watched it. This show was about this girl whose uncle accidentally created a mutant strain of murdering tomatoes. Riveting. The girl and her buddy would basically fight off these tomatoes and attempt to save the world, along with the help of the one friendly mutant tomato in the whole world. I liked this show. I don’t know why. If you have ever seen it, please confirm that I am not crazy.


18 Responses to “Saturday Mornings.”

  1. 1 evan

    omg i remember dark water

  2. 2 Daniel Munoz

    HAHA someone finally remembers it!

  3. 3 Muy

    hm that widget character looks familiar. hahaha I don’t remember watching it but I probably saw the intro because he does look familiar.

  4. 4 Nikki

    I don’t remember widget or the tomato one, but I LOVED all the others. Pirates of Dark Water was actually discontinued before it finished, which saddens me. And I used to watch Reboot like crazy, even my dad watched that one, though he said it was because he liked Dot’s boobs… 0_o I used to do the card thing too, actually I still do on occasion, always loved Gambit, NIghtcrawler and Storm the best.

    • 5 Daniel Munoz

      It made me sad that they never finished the Dark Water story line too. 😦 .

  5. 6 Rich

    They’re actually resurrecting ReBoot. There’s a fan-led webcomic being published, and they’re planning a movie trilogy.
    It’s all run by a professional group, but taking heavy input from fan groups (suppose it’s one way to make sure it’s a big hit with the target audience!).

  6. 7 Ransal

    You are not crazy, I also enjoyed Attack of the Killer tomatoes.. and I constantly annoy my collegues at work by randomly singing the ‘Attaaaack of the killer toooomaaatooes’ line :0)

  7. 8 Julio D

    i def remember watching pirates of dark water, x-men and TMNT are classics, i grew up on those shows…its sad they dont show any classic shows like this on tv.

  8. 9 Maya

    If you watched Xmen you had to have watched the Spiderman from the same era. I never missed either show. I’m annoyed that my boyfriend doesn’t remember Reboot.

  9. 10 rivera

    pirates of the dark water was awesome xmen tmnt reboot were also pretty good shows

  10. 11 David

    I’ve actually been trying to find the name of an old cartoon network show that used to run latenight pre adult swim timeframe. If I recall it was after a looney tunes hour they had but before oh canada. The main character had this alfalfa style hair and was kind of annoying. The only thing I remember from an episode specifically is him doing the sockcarpet doorknob zap thing. That’s all I can really remember it just annoys the crap out of me that I can’t recall the name.

  11. 12 David

    Oh and does anyone remember Don coyote and Pancho panda?

  12. 13 Dayyaan

    I have the same memories of Saturday mornings. It was always something to look forward to after a long week of school. All the shows you mentioned were great! Does anyone remember Bravestarr and Bionic Six?

  13. oh man, Reboot blew my mind as a kid!

  14. 16 Angelo

    DUDE! PIRATES OF DARK WATER! I’ve been trying to remember the name of that show for YEARS! Oh and no you’re not crazy dude Atack of the killer tomatoes was AWESOME. The girls name was Tara, the good tomato was FT (short for fuzzy tomato that they tried to play off as an odd shaped dog), her uncle created her on purpose his name was Dr. Gangreen, and his assistant Igor was a surfer dude who was voice by the same voice actor as Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You can find most of the episodes of killer tomatoes on youtube.

  15. 17 Ryan

    FINALLY!! Someone who also remembers The Pirates of Dark Water!! Can you remember what that Flying Monkey (don’t know his name) kept on saying…”Neujatat” (spelling is most definitely out). It must be like saying “Holy Cr*p” in his language 🙂 LOOOOVED that show man!!

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