Fuck a Stingray.


So I think I’m dying. I got stung by a stingray last weekend while camping at San Onofre State Beach. That thing bled like no other and was pretty sore for about a a day or two. The wound isn’t very impressive, but I think the venom’s killing me.

So I was told by the lifeguards that the venom can’t survive in temperatures above 115 degrees…so naturally we boiled my foot for about an hour. I thought all was well, but the past few days I’ve been feeling dizzy and having headaches. It might just be my imagination but I feel like my entire left side of my body is going limp. HMMM. The venom is still alive! I could probably just go to the hospital but that seems like a lot of work.

Anyways, I’m pretty sure this is what that fucker looked like. Devious little devil. Fuck a stingray.


5 Responses to “Fuck a Stingray.”

  1. 1 aiza

    you have fred flintstone feet.

  2. 2 Tom g

    I just got stung too. Fuck stingrays

  3. 4 doc

    i got stung yesterday and that shit is killing me

  4. 5 austin

    you dont die from a stingerray about the size that would be on a beach on california(1-2 feetlong mabe 3 at max)

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